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Sencha Verbena Reed Diffuser

180mL / 6 fl.oz

AU$34.95 $17.48

Bring old world charm and a reminiscent scent to life with this uniquely fragranced Reed Diffuser embellished with its own signature rubber band, adding a nostalgic ambience to any space.

Fragrance Notes

Clean & Green
Lush with crisp citrus notes, Meyer lemon, Clementine and soft Bergamot to create a fresh and fruity bouquet. Brimming with Verbena Leaf, Lemongrass and cool Eucalyptus this gorgeous green fragrance will excite and invigorate the spirit.

Top notes
Myer Lemon, Clementine, Soft Bergamot
Heart notes
Lemongrass, Verbena Leaf, Cool Eucalyptus
Base notes
Garden Geranium, Clove Bud, Pine Needle

Key product features

  • Oil based formula allows a stronger scent throw & better performance on your diffuser
  • Rattan reed sticks allows the fragrance oil to travel up the reed and efficiently fragrance the room
  • A perfect alternative to use where candles are not suitable such as offices and homes with children or pets
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