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Flights of Fancy
Narcissus Fragrance Duette

AU $29.98

Introducing a playful and modern take on MOR’s original Flower of Narcissus fragrance! Fresh, uplifting and endlessly captivating, this charming and lively floral perfume captures the warmth and fragrance of a gentle spring breeze. Zesty top notes of Mandarin.

Hand & Nail Cream 100 mL,
Eau De Parfum 50 mL

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Key product features

  • A fresh and uplifting and floral perfume fragrance
  • Captures the warmth and fragrance of a gentle spring breeze.
  • Leave your hands feeling silky smooth and beautifully pampered with this luxurious Hand & Nail Cream
  • This premium Hand & Nail Cream formula helps to nourish skin with moisture for a smoother looking appearance