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Our Story

MOR’s journey began in the cobble-stone laneways of Melbourne Australia in 2001, where the first collection of bath, body and home fragrance products were launched.

The intent was to capture the essence of luxury, worldly tales and modern apothecary where daily bathing and aromatic practices could become beautiful and mindful rituals through products that captured and ignited the senses. Today, the intention remains where each collection is inspired by worldly tales of by-gone eras, travel, apothecary, and art; creating an eclectic capsule with evocative stories that emanate a moment of time.

Continuing to design, manufacture and distribute all collections from its city of origin, MOR’s philosophy is to provide a unique sensory journey through exceptionally luxe formulations, opulently designed packaging, and elegantly selected fragrances.

MOR invites you to experience and surrender to the awakening of your senses where twists of traditional apothecary and olfactory bring a sense of daily indulgence and luxury to one’s space.

Welcome to the world of MOR.